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10 MHz system onsite support service

The 10 MHz reference clock signal system is required to generate and distribute for Mobile phone production test equipment's.

Rubidium based Epsilon clock receives the 1575.42 MHz signal from L1 band satellite through a GPS antenna which is locked to the United States Naval Observatory via the NAVSTAR Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Mesis provides 9x6 onsite support service for this system in Microsoft Mobile (Vietnam), FIH (Foxconn), and Fushan Technology (Vietnam). Mesis's abilities are setting new systems, installation, repair & mainternance.

Prototyping service

Turning ideas into prototypes.

If you are truly innovative, you don’t have any model you can refer to. You have to build your own. And it takes a reliable partner to do that along with you. Mesis is the partner you need. We are extremely proud of our prototyping area and skills, no matter the size or kind of line or robot cell/ machine you are designing. Our in-house facilities can make or modify any components: whatever you have to test and try, we can prototype it. Listing all our sophisticated tools and services would take too long and you don’t have time to waste. Come and visit us. Take a tour through our workshop and our trusted suppliers; talk with our engineers. Then focus on your design, we’ll take care of the rest of the job delivering a prototype of world-class quality, on which we can ensure that all design parameters are complied with before you begin to build the expensive equipment required for production. And, obviously, if you are on a classified project, you can count on our absolute confidentiality.


Engineering and prototyping

Engineering prototypes

  • Metal forming and Welding
  • Casting, Forging and Machining
  • Integration and Assembly
  • Testing and Validation.

Staffing & Managed service

Mesis's Technical Staffing and Managed Services provide worldwide professional support to the energy, mining, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

The technical solution & implementation result is often keeping your needs in mind whatever it should be. Each customer is unique, each project has its own specific performances to archive. Our staffing & managed service following all customer's requirements with the global quality.

The close relationship with Microsoft, FIH (Foxconn), Orbis Systems Oy, Finnsea Oy and other heavy industry companies such as Andritz Oy, Lilama69-3 allows Mesis to keep up with the most advanced technologies and techniques, focusing on daily co-working onsite, whilst our technical and management skills are daily strengthened by the actuall implementing situation along with global expertise teams.