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Born in Japan, developed at MESIS.

The word "mechatronics" was originated created in Japan in the 1960s to refer to the synergistic blend of mechanics and electronics technologies. But over the years’ mechatronics has come to mean a methodology for designing products that exhibit precise performance.

These characteristics can be achieved by considering not only the mechanical design, but also a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering.


When passion and skill work together, expect a masterpiece ...

We have been heavily investing in high-precision manufacturing, quality-control procedures and the most sophisticated test and simulation technologies available on the market from the beginning.

Sophisticated technologies and advanced processes are key.

Because technological progress can’t wait. And neither can our clients.

We satisfy very strict demands for quality and delivery precision; we have a broad overview of current trends, recent innovations and future direction; we are able to anticipate our customers’ needs and potentials. Our conceptual design, robot cell design, mechanical and automation systems, engine bay lay-out, dies, casting moulds, assembly jigs are developed by the internal engineering team and are built in house or by trusted suppliers.


... But at the end of the day what makes us special is our passion. And it makes all the difference.

As soon as established in 2015, Mesis has become a supplier providing mechatronics parts for Microsoft Mobile (Vietnam) LLC., this is our first dedication to production of mechatronic devices for the factory automation field, like mobile phone production factories.

Many of our engineers and technicians have developed a great background from their experiences in supporting periods for Microsoft and Foxconn. This allows Mesis to offer - for the industry market - a “turnkey” service such as we have done: we can design, develop line/machine components, sub-systems and rolling comprehensive new design & fabrication for the robot cell & mechanical-automation systems of factory.