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serving the industry’s most demanding needs.
05 years taking on every challenge.



This is who we are. 

A key partner of world-renowned brands, mobile phone manufacturers and all other industry companie

A company specialized in providing mechatronics design and fabrication, 10 MHz system support service, prototyping mechanical parts, solutions, staffing and managed services for industrial automation field.

From single components to full system engineering, one-off designs to prototypes for mass production, always providing the highest levels of quality, innovation and responsiveness throughout the development cycle. 

Also active in the consumable supplier sector, we are chosen by the engineering departments of prestigious mobile phone manufacturers and heavy industry manufactures to whom we provide complete design, engineering and production services. 

Do you need more information? Give us a call. No project, no matter how demanding it is, is too demanding for us.


Mechatronics & Supporting Industry Services (MESIS Co., Ltd.) - Tax code: 0107017126.

Công Ty TNHH Cơ Điện Tử và Dịch Vụ Công Nghiệp Phụ Trợ - MST: 0107017126.


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  • Oct. 2015

    Mesis Co., Ltd. is established in Hanoi, Vietnam, with 4 employees.
  • Nov. 2015

    Mesis grows and reaches a first contract with Orbis (India) for a project in Vietnam
  • Dec. 2015

    Mesis signs a contract with Microsoft Mobile (Vietnam) LLC, for permanently provide onsite support for 10 MHz system, solution, design and fabrication of mechanical parts.
  • May 2016

    Mesis has joint a great project along with Finnsea Oy, Andritz Oy and Lilama69-3 to manufacture heavy machines for Wood & Paper industry.
  • Jul. 2016

    Mesis start supplying spare parts & precision parts for Microsoft Mobile (Vietnam) LLC.
  • Dec. 2016

    Mesis Co., Ltd. celebrates 01 year of activity and become a partner of FIH (Foxconn).
  • Mar. 2017

    Mesis start supplying mechanical design & fabrication, spare parts & precision parts, 10 MHz system and other services for Fushan Technology (Vietnam).
  • Jan. 2018

    Mesis provides Jig for PCB assembly & mounting for Kaga Electronics (Vietnam)